Bouquet of Flowers


Photograph of a bouquet of flowers given to Dana Locke in 1864 as a first gift from Thomas J. Abel; Thomas and Dana were married on May 4, 1865, in Decatur, Illinois. “This bunch of flowers was given with this album-a first gift-to Dana Locke by T. J. Abel in 1864” is inscribed on ...

Cartoon of Union Soldiers

Cartoon of two foraging Union soldiers on a mule.

This undated cartoon features two foraging Union soldiers mounted on a mule. The officer carries a small box, while his partner carries a large bottle. Such uncaptioned cartoons are relatively rare in Civil War photography. Carte-de-Visite by T.L. Rivers, St. Louis, Mo. Image Courtesy Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield; WICR 31925

Corinth Contraband Camp

Sketch of a contraband camp in Corinth, Miss.

The Civil War was a unique conflict, in that the assets that were considered contraband often included human beings. After the issuance of Lincoln’s preliminary Emancipation Proclamation in September 1862, many slaves sought self-emancipation by rushing to safety behind Union lines. This drawing captures members of the Corinth Contraband Camp building fortifications at Corinth, ...

Missouri Political Cartoon

Missouri Political Cartoon of lawmakers as mules

Undated political cartoon of three mules, representing Missouri lawmakers, debating “Matters of Conscience,” by comparing the prohibition of teaching the Gospel to allowing the sale of liquor on Sunday. Political cartoons during the Civil War, much like today, were used to poke fun at politicians, political parties, and controversial issues. Carte-de-Visite by Unknown Photographer Image Courtesy Wilson’s Creek ...

Patriotic Poem


Card with a drawing in red and blue of a soldier and female with the printed poem, The Girl I Left Behind Me. The card could be inscribed with a personal message by the soldier and given to his wife, mother, sister, or girlfriend when he departed for the war. Carte-de-Visite by Unknown Photographer Image ...