16th Missouri Infantry Reunion

Reunion of the survivors of Company A, 16th Missouri Infantry.

Photograph taken on October 20, 1897, of a reunion of the survivors of Company A, 16th Missouri Infantry. The 16th Missouri Infantry was a Confederate regiment organized in August 1862 as the 7th Missouri Infantry; it was redesignated the 16th Missouri Infantry in January 1864. The 16th fought in the battles of Lone ...

2nd Missouri Cavalry Reunion, Bethany, Mo.

Photograph of Merrill's Horse Regiment Veterans in three rows.

Undated post-Civil War photograph of a reunion of the survivors of the 2nd Missouri Cavalry, also known as “Merrill’s Horse,” at Bethany, Missouri. While the date of the photograph is unknown, the 2nd Missouri Cavalry held reunions in Bethany in 1890, 1895 and 1897. Image Courtesy Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield; WICR 11565

Blue & Grey Reunion, Springfield, Mo.


Stereoview of the August 1883 “Blue & Grey” reunion held in Springfield, Missouri; the reunion hosted Union and Confederate soldiers who fought at the Battle of Wilson’s Creek and other Civil War veterans. Several soldier reunions were held in Springfield, although the largest took place in 1883 and 1897. The reunions included trips ...

Estes, John

John Estes in suit.

John Estes was a member of the 14th Missouri State Militia Cavalry from March 7, 1862 to February 4, 1863, when he transferred to Company I, 8th Missouri State Militia Cavalry. The 8th Missouri participated in actions against Confederate regular forces and guerrillas in southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas from 1862-1864, then pursued General Sterling Price ...

Grand Army of the Republic Encampment

Grand Army of the Republic Encampment

Group photograph of Union veterans at a Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) encampment; while the photograph is undated, it is believed to have been taken at the reunion of Union and Confederate veterans held at Wilson’s Creek in August 1897. Veterans of the Civil War held regular reunions and encampments after the war, sometimes on ...

Quantrill’s Men Reunion, Independence, Mo.

Post-war photograph of William C. Quantrill's guerrillas.

The first reunion of the men who rode with William Clarke Quantrill was held in September 1898 at Blue Springs, Missouri. They continued to hold annual reunions for thirty-two years, until 1929. The reunions were held in various locations, including Wallace Grove (the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Wallace) in Independence, Mo. This ...

Sparks, William


Undated post-Civil War photograph of William Sparks, possibly taken in the early 1880s; Sparks has a miniature metal Grand Army of the Republic medal on his vest lapel and a reunion medal on his coat. Sparks, a native of Wilkes County, North Carolina, and resident of Mercer County, Missouri, joined Company E, 12th Missouri Cavalry ...

St. Louis Pro-Union Club


Undated group photograph of a pro-Union club in St. Louis. The photograph includes Major Henry L. McConnell of the 3rd Missouri State Militia Cavalry and St. Louis Mayor Oliver Dwight Filley. McConnell was commissioned major of the 3rd on May 16, 1862 and resigned on July 3, 1863. Filley served as mayor ...

Unknown Reunion

Albumen of an unknown reunion of soldiers.

Post-Civil War group photograph, circa 1890, of either a Grand Army of the Republic encampment or a reunion of the 6th Missouri Cavalry (US). “T. Hodge Jones” is written on the back of the photograph, and Hodge probably appears in this image. Thomas Hodge Jones enlisted in Company A, 6th Missouri Cavalry on August 12, ...